Are Merle French Bulldogs Bigger? Find Average Height & Weight

If you think merle French bulldogs are bigger in size, then you are mistaken. They are not big in size. However, by looking at their average height and weight, you can count them in medium-sized dogs. Usually, we consider those dogs bigger or large who weigh over 50 pounds. Unfortunately, a merle French bulldog doesn’t come in this category.

Are Merle French Bulldogs Bigger

The sizes and shapes of each dog breed vary. Usually, breeders divide dogs into four main categories, which are as follows:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Giant or X-large


Dogs who weigh less than 20 pounds are considered small dog breeds. Dogs who come in a small category weigh between 3-20 pounds. That’s the reason some breeders further divide such dogs into miniature, toy, and teacup.


Dogs who weigh between 20 to 50 pounds come in the category of medium-sized dogs. We understand it’s a huge range, and there is a lot of difference between 20 lbs. and 50 lbs. The fact is, breeders consider them all in medium-sized categories. If you are confused between choosing large and small dogs, then medium-sized dogs can be the best option to consider because they are neither too small nor too large. They even have a really good lifespan.


Those dogs who weigh between 50 to 100 pounds come in the category of large dog breeds.

Giant or X-large

Dogs who are huge in size and they weigh over 100 pounds come in the category of X-large breeds. They are also known as giant dogs.

What’s the Average Weight and Height of Merle French Bulldogs?

weight and height of merle French bulldogs

Usually, male merle French bulldogs weigh between 20-28 pounds, while female merle Frenchies weigh between 16-24 pounds. That’s the reason these dogs are considered medium-sized dogs. However, they are not so tall, but the dogs are categories into different sizes based on their average weight. They are not really tall dogs. They are 11-12 inches tall only.

Remember, the weight and height of these dogs highly dependent upon the way you nourish them. If you feed them good quality food with a proper schedule, then they will definitely gain good weight and height. Your merle French bulldog can be underweight or short in height due to inferior quality food.

Similarly, feeding more food than the requirement may make your dog overweight, which is definitely not good for the dog. Overweighed dogs tend to develop many health problems.

If you notice that your dog is underweight during his developmental stages, visit the veterinarian, so he may take some tests and guide you further.

Final Verdict

Merle French bulldogs are not the bigger dogs. In fact, they are medium in size. They look very cute in their size because they are not really tall but give a round look due to their weight. They are the best companion dog. Merle French bulldogs can be the best option for those who are confused between choosing small and medium-sized dogs. Each dog breed has its own benefits. Due to medium size, these dogs have a good lifespan, so they can provide you a good company for a long time.

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