Are Merle French Bulldogs Purebred? Let’s End this Debate

There is a lot of confusion going on in people’s minds whether the merle French bulldogs are purebred or mixed. We thought to answer this question with logic to clear this confusion, so not even a single confusion is left in your mind after reading this article.

Are Merle French Bulldogs Purebred

Merle French bulldogs gained a lot of popularity in the past few years due to their coat’s merle pattern. At the same time, a lot of people raised the question of whether it is purebred or not. Some people prefer purebred dogs, some prefer mixed breeds, while some are ok whether the pet dog is purebred or mixed. It’s totally their choice.

So, are merle French bulldogs purebred? The answer is no. Now don’t compare them with regular French bulldogs because the case is different here. Regular French bulldogs are considered purebred, but the merle French bulldogs are not purebred. Let’s explain this answer with logic.

Why Are Merle French Bulldogs Not Purebred?

Because not always merle Frenchies are born by breeding both merle French bulldog father and mother. Sometimes a breeder look for a dog breed to give birth to a new merle French bulldog puppy. We call those dogs purebred whose parents, grandparents, and ancestors from many generations are from the same breed.

The case is different for merle French bulldogs because many times, breeders cross-breed a French bulldog with another merle dog breed like a Chihuahua. Even the first merle French bulldog was born by cross-breeding a regular French bulldog with a merle dog of another breed. That’s how it wasn’t purebred. Cross-breeding also helps to avoid complications because breeding two merles of the same breed can cause many health problems for a newborn puppy. Moreover, cross-breeding helps to avoid the risk of giving birth to a double merle French bulldog, which suffers from many health conditions. There can be various reasons for cross-breeding, depends upon the breeder.

Even if a merle French bulldog is born after breeding both merle French bulldog parents, then what about the parents? Their ancestors? Who knows whether they were born with the same breed or cross-breeding? If any of them are born with cross-breeding, then how can their puppies be declared as purebred? That’s why we cannot admit merle French bulldogs as purebred.

Final Verdict

We hope all the confusion in your mind is resolved now. There is a reason that we don’t call merle French bulldogs purebred. We hope you are satisfied with the logic.

We understand it’s bad news for those purebred lovers who wanted to adopt a merle French bulldog but believe us, there is nothing to worry about. If you have fallen in love with this dog, don’t hesitate to own it because mixed breeds or not something bad. Even purebreds have more chances of developing hereditary disorders. If they are not purebred, it means they have low chances of developing hereditary disorders.


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