Blue Merle French Bulldog – Find Their Appearance, Health, & More

A blue merle French bulldog has gained huge popularity in these years because it is among the rarest colors in merles. Moreover, the blue merle gives a very pleasant attraction to these dogs’ coats. This pattern is recently introduced by the breeders. It makes these dogs’ coats stand out and give a bluish shade to their eyes. Like everything, there are also controversies about this color pattern. People who prefer the pure breeds don’t like blue merle French bulldogs. They have their own logic; they think that this color pattern also affects the health conditions of these dogs.

Blue Merle French Bulldog

There are a lot of things that we’ll cover in this article. How do they appear? How long do they retain their eye color? Are there any health risks associated with this color pattern? Is it ethical to produce this color pattern? And a lot more. So read the complete detail if you want to learn every single fact about this dog.

How Does Blue Merle French Bulldog Appear?

We can call them blue gene dogs. Their base color is black that slightly diluted to give a blue hue; that’s why they are known as blue merle Frenchies. They have the same appearance as other merle French bulldogs. The only difference is the color of the merle pattern, which gives a blue hue.

How Long Do They Retain Their Eye Color?

Normally, standard French bulldog puppies are born with blue eyes, but they start to become dark once they grow up. Most likely, it starts to happen after ten weeks of their age. However, it’s not the case with blue merle French bulldogs. They are most likely to retain their blue eye color forever. It happens due to the merle gene, which makes the pigment light, causing the eyes to stay blue.

Blue Merle French Bulldog Price

As told earlier, this color is hard to produce; that’s why breeders charge a really high price for this French bulldog color. We contacted various breeders to get an estimate for this dog. According to them, the male pet price range between $4500 to $8000, and female blue merle french bulldog can range between $5000 to $9000. The breeding prices range from $8000 to $12000. A well-renowned breeder may charge a high price for a healthy puppy.

Note: These are the prices that we confirmed from several breeders. However, they can vary a bit depending upon your breeder and region. Some breeders may charge additional prices for transportation, vet, initial training, etc., which can also increase the price.

Is it Ethical to Produce these Dogs?

is it ethical to produce blue merle french bulldogs

This is a long debate, and a lot of controversies are going on this topic. People who love glamour think it is right to produce such dogs because they love this coat color. Also, they want their dog to stand out and get everyone’s attention.

On the other hand, People who prefer pure breeds don’t consider it ethical to produce such dogs. They believe that irregular color pattern is responsible for many health problems. Moreover, these irregularities also decrease the lifespan of these dogs. Due to this, dogs have to suffer their entire life.

However, purists are right to some extent because all these problems can occur if the breeders don’t do their job right. If they don’t do the breeding right, these problems can occur. However, with careful breeding, they can produce healthy puppies.

Here the choice should be yours whether you want to go with a glamorous or ethical choice. We respect everyone’s opinion.

Are They Unhealthy?

As told earlier, the health conditions are associated with the breeding pattern. If the breeders do selective breeding and do proper health tests of the dogs before breeding them, they can definitely produce healthy blue merle French bulldogs.

It is only a misconception that these color pattern dogs must suffer from health conditions. That’s why it is necessary to get a puppy from a reputable breeder.

Do AKC and UKC Recognize Blue Merle French Bulldog?

No, they don’t. All the merle patterns are not considered standard by AKC and UKC. That’s why they don’t recognize blue merle French bulldogs.

Meet Elizabeth, the Blue Merle French Bulldog

Final Verdict

Blue merle is the rarest color among French bulldogs. It makes them stand out that people love to stare at them and play with them. However, their breeding is a controversial topic nowadays. Some people consider their breeding ethical, while some consider it unethical. We have tried to cover every aspect of this dog, so read the entire article and describe your thoughts in the comment section.

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