Can You Breed Two Merle French Bulldogs? What will Happen?

You may want to find out that whether you can breed two merle French bulldogs or not. First of all, let us tell you. If you want to produce another merle Frenchie, there are two ways for it. Either you’ll need to breed a regular French bulldog with a merle dog of another breed, or you’ll need to breed to merle French bulldogs together to produce another merle Frenchie puppy.

Can You Breed Two Merle French Bulldogs

If you want to follow the first method of breeding two merle Frenchies together, it seems ok to breed them together. But, few side effects can happen by breeding two merle French bulldogs. Even some people say it is unethical to breed two merles together because it can be really harmful and painful for the newborn puppy. So what can happen by breeding two merles together?

Following Side Effects Can Occur by Breeding Two Merle French Bulldogs

If you plan to follow this breeding method, you have to be fully prepared because some serious side effects can happen.

If you breed two merle French bulldogs together, there are 25% chances they will give birth to a double merle French bulldog. A double merle Frenchie spends its life in pain. That’s why some people consider this breeding method unethical. A double merle can be the victim of deafness, blindness, or both. The deafness and blindness can be partial or full. Some other problems include cataracts and coloboma in the eye, one eye bigger than the other.

Apart from these side effects, they lose all the pigment from the body. That’s why their appearance becomes really weird. They have a completely white coat with few marks. Even some breeders kill these dogs at birth because a defective dog can be a big question on their breeding program. Some breeders who don’t kill them sell them to unknown people who use them in dogfighting. Even some of these dogs spend their lives in shelter homes.

That’s the reason some people consider it an unethical practice to breed two merles together. In greed of earning more money, some breeders try to follow this method and may end up making the painful life of a puppy.

Final Verdict

Some breeders breed two merle French bulldogs together to produce another merle Frenchie. However, this method inlvoves a risk of producing double merle dog. A double merle suffers from several health conditions. You can adopt a cross-breeding method to minimize the risk of health problems.


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