Cryptic Merle French Bulldog – Also Known As Phantom Merle

Have you ever seen a cryptic merle french bulldog? Well, you probably have seen it somewhere, but you might be unaware that this color pattern is cryptic merle because this pattern doesn’t appear to be the exact merle. They are also known as phantom merle french bulldogs. This article is going to be very interesting, so please read the complete article if you want to know about the appearance; how do they get this coat pattern? Are they popular? And a lot more.

Cryptic Merle French Bulldog

What is the Cryptic Merle French Bulldog?

what is cryptic merle french bulldog

If you look at a cryptic or phantom merle frenchie you won’t find it a merle Frenchie because it doesn’t appear to be the merle. In fact, it appears to be a solid color dog. They have patches on their bodies, but they are very faint and can go unseen. These dogs may possess the genotype merle instead of phenotype; that’s why they are called cryptic or phantom merles because they don’t appear to be a merle but can give birth to merle offspring even if they bred with non-merles.

Are They Popular?

No, they are not as popular as normal merle Frenchies. A lot of people don’t even have an idea about cryptic merles because these dogs don’t have any unique appearance that makes them stand out.

How Do You Get A Cryptic Merle?

how do you get a cryptic merle

For a French bulldog to be a cryptic merle, it must carry one copy of the dominant merle gene M and one copy of the cryptic merle allele. It can pass any of these alleles to its offspring.

Final Verdict

A cryptic merle French bulldog appears to be a non-merle dog because it contains may contain a genotype merle instead of phenotype. They don’t appear to be a merle but can give birth to a merle dog. It’s really hard for a person to recognize them as cryptic merle because they don’t have prominent merle patches on their bodies like regular merle dogs.

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