Lilac Merle French Bulldog Price – Such an Expensive Dog

Lilac merle French bulldogs are very rare; that’s why their price is really high. Breeders get the full benefit of their rarity. They charge such a high price for a lilac merle french bulldog because they are very hard to produce. Moreover, lilac merle French bulldogs look very cool. If you own this dog, you probably have the rarest French bulldog.

Lilac Merle French Bulldog Price

A breeder may charge around $7000 to $15000 price for a healthy lilac merle French bulldog puppy. Make sure to contact multiple breeders to get the best rate. People are ready to pay such a huge amount for them because they are gorgeous. They look so cute in a greyish coat with light purple patches.

Why are lilac merle French bulldogs so expensive?

Breeders have put a lot of effort into getting this color. Their color appears due to the combination of B-locus and D-locus. As told earlier, they are hard to produce, and people demand so much for this color. Moreover, they need a special way of breeding to prevent the health risks associated with it. Due to high demand and low supply, breeders take advantage of this situation and charge a high price. Probably, they are the most expensive than all other merle color Frenchies.

Guidelines while buying a lilac merle French bulldog

  • They are prone to many health conditions; that’s why they require a special breeding process to avoid potential health risks. That’s why always get this dog from a reputable breeder. A bad breeder may charge a low price but may give you an unhealthy dog. A reputable breeder may charge a high price, but there are many chances they will give you a healthy puppy. They charge high prices because they take several health tests before breeding. After ensuring safety, they do selective breeding. That’s how they increase the chances of producing a healthy puppy. We are not saying to go for the most expensive breeder, but you should investigate the breeder prior to buying this puppy. You can visit the breeder’s area take their previous customer’s reviews about them.
  • Don’t get deceived between lilac and blue merle French bulldog because it is a bit difficult to differentiate between blue and a lilac merle Frenchies. At birth, lilac merle resembles a lot with blue merle. However, once they grow up, their coloration gets lighter.

Should you pay such a high price for them?

It’s your own choice whether you want to pay or not. However, you should know that lilac merle French bulldogs are more prone to health conditions than regular Frenchies. However, you can reduce these risks if you get the puppy from a reputable breeder. Mostly, people are aware of these health risks but still pay a high price because of their unique and beautiful color. They just love to have a cutie little pie along with them. If you also love lilac merle and are ready to accept the health risk, then go for this dog. Otherwise, go for a regular Frenchie with low health risks

Final Verdict

Lilac merle French bulldogs are so expensive. A breeder may charge you between $7000 to $15000 for this cute little dog. Remember, they only have a different color coat. Don’t expect some extra qualities from them. You are paying extra just for a different attractive color and nothing else. If you are ok with this, then go and get this dog.

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