Merle French Bulldog Lifespan – Which Factors Affect the Lifespan?

The lifespan of each dog is different; what about the merle French bulldog lifespan? If you have no idea about this dog’s lifespan and some queries regarding this dog’s lifespan, don’t worry. We’ll answer all your queries in this article.

Merle French Bulldog Lifespan

Knowing the lifespan before bringing the dog home helps you prepare your mind. It also helps in finalizing the decision that which dog to go for. Some dogs tend to live longer, and some die early. Those people who give priority to the lifespan factor before choosing any dog should definitely know the estimated lifespan of the dog they are going to choose.

The average lifespan of merle French bulldogs is 10 to 12 years. Remember, it’s the average lifespan, so it doesn’t mean that your merle French bulldog can’t live longer than twelve years or will live at least ten years. There are various factors that affect the lifespan of merle Frenchies. In this article, we will tell you about those factors, so by focusing on those factors, you may increase your dog’s lifespan.

Factors that Shorten the Lifespan of Merle French Bulldog

Hot weather

Hot weather can be life threatening for merle french bulldog

Hot weather can negatively affect the lifespan of these dogs. Due to the small, flat face along with the small nose, they already face trouble while breathing. In hot weather, they can’t maintain their body temperature. Because they need to evaporate from the mouth to cool down the pallet, but due to the flat face and small nose, they can’t do that properly. That’s the reason hot weather is extremely dangerous for merle French bulldogs. Keep them at a moderate or cool temperature. Otherwise, they may die due to hot weather.

Too much exercise

We understand exercise is good for any breed, but every dog has a different capacity level. Their exercise shouldn’t be too much hectic; short walks after breaks are enough for them. You should also keep a check that the exercises shouldn’t be longer than 1 hour/day. Otherwise, it may negatively affect the lives of these dogs. As they have flat faces along with small noses, they face difficulty while breathing. Too much exercise can make them tired and increase their body temperature, which can be life-threatening for them.

Stress and anxiety can shorten the lifespan of merle French bulldog

Merle French bulldogs are loving dogs, and they require too much attention. They always want their owner to stay by their side. Leaving them alone or don’t giving them attention can increase their stress and anxiety levels, negatively affecting their lifespan.

Health problems

Like other dogs, these dogs are also prone to many health problems that are natural or can occur due to poor breeding. These health problems can also shorten the lifespan of merle French bulldogs.

Poor nutrition can shorten the lifespan of merle French bulldog

Just like humans, dogs also need a good diet. A poor and unhealthy diet can make these merle Frenchies sick and may also result in developing the health problems like joint issues. Moreover, if your dog is allergic to some food, such foods can be responsible for several skin conditions. That’s why avoid feeding unhealthy food to your dog.

Poor outdoor environment

Dogs are small and more closer to the ground. That’s the reason their noses and tongues can easily get affected by dirt and other unhygienic objects in the outdoor environment. They will receive more toxins, and such a kind of environment can make them sick. That’s why never take your dog to the dirty outdoor environment. Minimize the time of outdoor activities.

Factors that May Increase the Lifespan of Merle French Bulldogs

Healthy Nutrition

A good and healthy diet plan is one of the most influential factors that may increase a dog’s lifespan. Make sure the diet you are feeding to your merle French bulldog should have a perfect combination of proteins, calories, and omega fatty acids. Calculate the calorie amount and then feed accordingly to avoid obesity in merle French bulldogs. The food for the entire day should contain 25-35 calories per pound of your merle French bulldog’s weight. Feed all kinds of foods like vegetables, fruits, and meats to maintain a perfect diet balance.

Regular veterinarian check-ups

Keep visiting the veterinarian regularly. It may help to find the potential health problems or the minor problems that may like to become a bigger threat after some time. A veterinarian may heal the dog if needed, or he may suggest the medication that will help your dog in fighting those problems.

If your merle Frenchie becomes injured, take it to the veterinarian even the injury is minor. Who knows when a minor injury becomes a greater threat in the future. Injuries can cause several infections, which can be life-threatening. Diagnosing the problems at earlies stage is always the best option.

Choose the right breeder

A breeder is also an important factor in the lifespan of a merle French bulldog. An inexperienced breeder who has no knowledge about the breeding pair can be responsible for several genetic defects which can be life-threatening in the future. Both parent dogs should be tested before breeding them together.

The worst breeder may never test the parent dogs medically, or he may pair the wrong dogs. Problems after inappropriate breeding don’t show at that moment. It appears the newborn puppy becomes few years old. Poor breeding can be responsible for joint issues, hip dysplasia, and respiratory issues in merle French bulldogs, which will have a negative impact on the lifespan.

Choosing the right breeder can be beneficial for you. If a breeder is renowned and responsible, he must do the proper testing before breeding. He will breed the appropriate pair, which lowers the risk of genetic defects. Such types of dogs without genetic defects tend to live longer.

Emotional bond can affect the lifespan of merle French bulldog positively

As mentioned earlier, merle French bulldogs are loving dogs, and they always want your attention. Giving them attention and playing with them keep them happy and stress-free. That’s how you create a strong emotional bond between you and your dog. Dogs become happy when they know you care about them. Dogs who are happy and stress-free tend to live longer.

Teeth brushing

brush teeth regularly

You may find this factor ordinary, but it plays a vital role. Dental health has a significant impact on the lifespan of dogs. Regular teeth brushing helps to kill the bacteria in the teeth of your dog. That’s how whatever your dog will eat will reach the stomach clean. On the other hand, if you don’t brush your dog’s teeth, whatever it will eat reaches the stomach with several bacterias, which can make your dog sick. Preventing the bacterias from reaching your Frenchie’s stomach can keep your dog healthy, which may increase the lifespan.

Final Verdict

On average, merle French bulldogs live around 10-12 years. However, it’s just an estimate taken from the average lives of several Frenchies. Several factors may increase or decrease the lifespan of a merle French bulldog. If you want your Frenchie to liver longer, you should follow the guidelines mentioned above. That’s how your Frenchie will live enough and happy life.

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