Merle French Bulldog Price – Why is it so Expensive?

The important question that many people want to ask is about the merle French bulldog price. The reason for this is the high price of this dog. Though many people have a complete idea about the standard French bulldog’s price, they should know that the breeders ask for an extremely high price, just for the merle skin. The price difference is not just about few dollars; the difference is in thousands of dollars.

Merle French Bulldog Price

Now, there must be a lot of questions circulating in your mind, like, what’s the estimated price for a merle French bulldog? The reason for such a high price. Should you pay such a high price for just a different skin pattern? This article will answer all these questions so that you will have a clear idea about this dog’s actual worth and whether you should go for this dog or not.

How Much do Merle French Bulldogs Cost?

We will tell you the estimated price range because the price varies from breeder to breeder. A good and reputable breeder can give you this dog at a reasonable price, while the bad breeders can charge you a really high price for a merle French bulldog. A merle French bulldog can cost you around $6000-$8000, which is so much expensive than a regular French bulldog, which can cost around $1500-$3000.

It’s not only a one-time cost. It is also expensive to take care of a merle French bulldog as compared to a regular one. Why is that? Because due to the genetic composition, you have to take this dog to the veterinarian more than a regular Frenchie. That’s why prepare yourself for a high maintenance cost if you have a plan to buy a merle French bulldog.

Why are Merle French Bulldogs so Expensive?

Because they are rare, and many people want to adopt this dog. Due to high demand and low supply, merle French bulldogs are expensive. They are rare because they are not easy to produce. Either you need both merle French bulldog parents or a merle dog from a different dog breed to give birth to a new merle Frenchie. Moreover, their rare pattern makes them look different from other French bulldogs. They stand out in front of others.

Other reasons are common between them and regular Frenchies like they are small-sized dogs and look cute. They are easy to groom, and they don’t require a lot of exercises. Due to all these reasons, they are expensive.

Factors that Play A Role in the Price of Merle French Bulldog

Various factors can play a huge role in the price range of this dog. Let’s discuss those factors.

  • Price highly depends upon the breeder. A good breeder can demand a fair price, while the worst breeder will demand a high price. It’s your job to do research and find a good breeder, so you won’t get deceived.
  • Price also depends upon the color of the dog. The merle French bulldog can come in various colors like lilac, black, and blue, and the lilac color is the rarest compared to all others. That’s why lilac merle French bulldog will cost you high. In comparison, you can get black or blue merle Frenchie at a low price compared to lilac merle Frenchie.

Should You Pay Such A High Price for A Merle French Bulldog?

It’s totally your choice whether you should pay a high price or not because in the end, it’s just a different skin pattern. However, there are few things that you should keep in mind. No doubt that the merle skin makes these dogs look stunning. They stand out when they stand among other French bulldogs. But, you should also prepare yourself for regular veterinarian checkups, as these dogs are prone to many health conditions.

If you are convinced that the dogs can have several health conditions and ready to pay high price, you should definitely buy this dog and pay a high price.

Final Verdict

Merle French bulldogs are hard to produce; due to their rarity and stunning look, they are expensive. If you have a high budget, and can easily pay $6000-$8000, then you should go for this dog. The unique look and small size of this dog will make the pleasant environment of your home. Their beauty and cuteness are among the top reasons that people are willing to pay a high price for these dogs.

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