Merle French Bulldog Temperament – How Well it Performed in ATTS?

You may love to know about the merle French bulldog temperament. That’s the reason we are sharing detailed information about the temperament of this dog. It’s important to know about any dog’s temperament that you are about to adopt because you are going to spend several years with that dog. Dogs with a good temperament make your life fun and enjoyable. On the other hand, dogs with bad temperaments can make your life awful.

merle french bulldog temperament

It’s better to some research on the temperament of the dog that you are going to adopt. Because sometimes, dogs are not like what you expect or wish them to be. You may find a completely different dog once you bring it home. The dog may either make you happy or angry with its temperament. If you have done your research work right before bringing a dog home, then you can save yourself from bringing the wrong dog at home. Remember, not every dog is suitable for every person. That’s the reason you have to find out which dog suits you perfectly.

In this article, we will tell you about the temperament of a merle French bulldog. Whether it’s good or bad, you’ll find out in this article. If you have a plan to bring a merle French bulldog at home, then read the whole article to know every single detail about its temperament.

Good Temperament of Merle French Bulldog

Loving temperament of merle French bulldog

They are one of the most loving dogs in the world. If you want a dog to whom you want to make endless love, want to cuddle. This dog is suitable for this purpose. They love when you come in contact with them. They will show their love to you and will become happy when you show the same behavior. Merle French bulldog loves walking along with you. They will follow your steps from room to room.


They love playing with people, other pets, and little children. They love making new human friends. If you want a dog that behaves pleasantly with everybody in the market, this dog can be an excellent choice for you.


They have a good IQ level. They understand instructions quickly. That’s why they are easy to train. People should start giving them mental stimulation from an early age.

Good watchdog

Merle French bulldogs are good watchdogs. They start barking when they feel the presence of a stranger near their owner.

Easy to train

Merle French bulldogs are easy to train. They go really well with positive reinforcement. They love receiving rewards for every achievement. That’s how you can train them. Give them something that they love on every instruction they obey. That’s how they learn things quickly.

Temperament Issues of Merle French Bulldog

Excessive barking

Even this breed is small; it still has an excessive barking issue. However, they don’t bark too much naturally. Still, it can happen due to various reasons. It is a loving dog that enjoys the company. If you leave this dog alone, then due to isolation, it may start barking. Other reasons for this behavioral issue can be boredom, anxiety, or the lack of exercise.

Nervous temperament of merle French bulldog

Another big temperament issue of merle French bulldog is nervousness. They may lose confidence and act shy. Anxiety and bad nerves can be the reason for nervousness.

Temperament Test

They performed really well in the test taken by the American Temperament Testing Society (ATTS). ATTS has given a 96.2% score to the French bulldogs, which is extremely great. Out of 54 French bulldogs, 52 passed the test, while the 2 failed the test. It shows that these dogs are good boys and girls.

This test is based on various factors, which include aggressiveness, shyness, friendliness, stability. They also take dog for a regular walk in the park, where they judge its behavior on how the dog performs in various situations. They also see how the dog gives response to the strangers. It’s a complete test that covers auditory, tactile, and visual stimuli. French bulldog performed really well; that’s why it was awarded such a huge score.

Final Verdict

Remember, there is no dog that comes with only pros. Every dog comes with both pros and cons. Even this dog has both good and bad temperaments. If you want a fun and loving dog that you can play with all the time, a dog that loves to meet pleasantly with people, then merle French bulldog can be an excellent choice for you. Remember, this dog needs a lot of socialization, as loneliness can make it depressed, stubborn, and nervous. If you can socialize this dog and play with it, then go for this dog.

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