Why Can’t Merle French Bulldogs be KC Registered?

Unfortunately, it’s bad news for the lovers of merle French bulldogs because these dogs can’t be registered with KC. Why is that? Because merle is not the original color of purebred French bulldogs. Kennel club doesn’t recognize the merle color.

Why Can not Merle French Bulldogs be KC Registered

According to the kennel club, it will not accept any application to register a merle-colored dog. Either the dogs are local or imported from overseas; both will not be registered with the kennel club. We understand that merle is one of the rarest colors of French bulldogs, and people have gone crazy for this color. They are even ready to pay a high price for this dog, but Kennel Clubs’ statements have left people confused. Even after buying such an expensive dog, they can’t register it with the Kennel Club. Let’s see what Kennel Club of UK and America say about it.

The Kennel Clubs has Taken this Decision Due to the Following Reasons

Kennel Club of United Kingdom

First of all, merle color is not a standard breed color. According to the Kennel Club of United Kingdom, all those dogs whose merle color don’t sustain over time will not be registered. On the other hand, those dogs whose merle color remains established over time can be registered.

They also stated that they accept the registration of few merle dog breeds whose merle lasts longer, like Cardigan Corgi and Shetland Sheepdog, and they are bred with careful methods. Unfortunately, the breeding method of the merle French bulldog is not like that, which can also result in various health risks like hearing or sight impairment. That’s why they can’t register merle French bulldog. Registration of merle French bulldog is denied since 1 Jan 2013.

American Kennel Club

AKC (American Kennel Club) also has some requirements to register a French bulldog. The requirements are about the weight, height, coat color, head, neck, temperament, gait, and body. They have categorized the merle color of French bulldog under the disqualified colors. Even if you fulfill other requirements, still, due to the merle color, your French bulldog can’t be registered with AKC.

How Were People Registering the Merle French Bulldogs with Australian National Kennel Council?

ANKC also banned the registration of merle French bulldogs. However, the breeders were still registering this dog by mentioning the false color. Breeders used this strategy on the imported dogs. ANKC was relying on the export pedigree paper issued by the origin country of the dog. Breeders are used to registering the false color of French bulldogs like fawn or brindle. Then while re-registering the imported dogs, ANKC was using the information written on the pedigree paper issued from the origin country. Later on, ANKC introduced regulations to prevent these wrong practices. Now they inspect all the imported dogs.

Final Verdict

Kennel clubs of the United Kingdom, America, and various other countries don’t register merle French bulldog. The reason for disqualification is the color of this dog because they have no problem registering a regular French bulldog. They don’t register merle Frenchie because they don’t consider merle and few other colors as standard breed colors. That’s why merle French bulldogs can’t be registered with KC.


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